Robert E Lee

Robert E Lee

After a 16-year career in retail customer service, 3 years in a BC Chrysler dealership as the "Internet and Technology Guy" and running my own successful Internet business for 11 years I have returned to Ontario to continue my life adventure.

Currently employed as the Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager of a real estate franchise company based in Toronto, I am building upon my current skillset within the requirements of my position.

I am seeking new challenges to continue to expand my knowledge and experience and put my skillset to their best use.

I look forward to speaking with you.


Web Design
Customer Satisfaction
Seo Optimization
Content Writing

I’ve always been an active writer

My volume of writing, like any writer, is dependent upon inspiration, perspiration and time allotted.

My latest articles have been about the real estate industry and I have been published online in a couple of professional publications.

I am very flexible about the subject matter to be written about and promoted. Challenge is the spice of life!

No matter how much of a writer you want to be, leaves have to be raked, groceries have to be grabbed and laundry has to be folded.

Creating blocks of time to write isn’t a real issue when you have a muse to inspire you and I am fortunate to always have interesting people in my life that give me fodder to interpret into the things I want to say aloud.

Currently I am writing a lot of Ontario real estate articles, as that pays the bills, and I’ve been published under my own name and as a “ghost writer” on a variety of websites.

What are the next steps for Robert ?

Life continues to show opportunity and it's opportunity I seek out.

Standing still has never helped anyone, even when in a line unless you're moving forward you'll never enter the movie theatre.

"Become the person who would attract the results you seek.” - Jim Cathcart

Future goals

Work closer to home - 94%
Make new friends - 93%
Travel - 70%
Binge-watch Breaking Bad again - 68%

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