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  • Newmarket: My Adopted Home

    Newmarket: My Adopted Home

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    Toronto Skyline

  • Vacationing in Punta Cana

    Vacationing in Punta Cana

Robert E Lee

A results driven, experienced online marketer, who's greatest asset is listening


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    The ability to find common ground between what would otherwise be called competing stakeholders is a skill I have acquired through many different positions held in many different industries.

    Retail sales, car dealership, online marketing, my own affiliate marketing and web design company and even real estate brokerage administration has shown that when the common goal is understood by everyone, the final goal can be attained.

    Understanding the bigger picture and being able to communicate that goal effectively allows everyone to win.

  • From selling time on a pool table and making change for arcade games, through retail sales positions and sales and marketing positions I have realized that everything is about the sale.

    It may not be an invoice being paid, but when every task has a customer at the start and a fulfillment at the end, treating the transaction as a sale allows me to keep the outcome in perspective to ensure everyone is happy.

  • Every day is a learning experience. Through dealing with many types of people in many different situations I have come to realize that every step in our journey is a training exercise.

    The ability to break down the difficult into understandable steps that allow repeatable success allows others to learn and find their own success.

    "Teach a man to fish..."

  • I continue to build websites to keep my HTML/CSS, SEO, SMM and writing skills up-to-date. Here is a partial list of recent projects.