We move all the time. Doing this, completing that. Creating actions that drive results, it’s what we do

Often movement becomes just a part of the ritual that does not improve on what you are doing. Looking in the rear view mirror you can recognize it as stagnation but as you see it in the here and now you see motion.

Those that say to you the process is operating “fine” because goals are being met do not necessarily see the competition looking over their shoulder and how with a few tweaks they can create a better experience that will improve on the bigger picture. Or how someone else will upset your apple cart.

"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible." - Tony Robbins

Forecasts of growth are often build on the ideal circumstance of everything coming together.

Having the same resources that are magically doing more without a change in the system that allows more to be accomplished will always prove that forecast wrong.

The long view must always be based on the here and now results and the improvements to processes that will drive growth.

It is exceptional people that can see the distinctions between the two.

And exceptional people are created by the internal systems you have in place, including training and motivation, as much as it is by the people themselves.