A content writing example about a simple pen

Our artisan pen craftsmen proudly produce the ultimate in fine writing instruments, balanced with care and built solidly to perform the task of handwriting superbly on any paper, plain, ruled or textured.

You will feel confident that our pen will complete each curve of letter and stroke of line without blotting, evenly distributing its ink with confident strokes. Inks are available in carbon black and deep blue.

The outer case is sturdily made to withstand bending and the inner sleeve halves are matched perfectly to allow the refill to be easily replaced.

Suitable for everyday use, you may want to only use this pen on special occasion documents and yet still carry it with you every day as a part of your daily wardrobe.

The right pen, similar to the right watch, belt or tie, adds perceptible value to your personal presentation as you impress the people you interact with in all situations.

This is a sample of my content writing skills that features a very basic product that often is not given the proper consideration in its description. My attempt to build excitement and desire of this pen displays my confidence and flexibility of handling any subject matter.

You can purchase the pen by clicking on the image above, should you be so enticed. I will receive a small commission if you finalize the purchase.