This is the seminar I gave on March 5, 2016, “Social Media 101: Getting Started with Facebook”

The seminar is a two-hour training session to help real estate agents in Toronto use Facebook, and in particular Company Pages, to effectively build their online presence and, ultimately, their business.

Experience is the true teacher

I’ve been very active with all types of online marketing. This is just a sample of what I have learned.

Creating an effective online persona, or even a “real world” business presence, takes initiative and strategies that do not lose sight of the overall goal.

Everything you do is based on “sales”. Keeping a floor clean impacts how customers view your store or office. Politeness is how people judge your willingness to work with them and act in their best interest.

Effective and timely communication is the key in our “ever-connected world”.

When you lose sight of, or ignore, the many “touch-points” that customers (current, past and future) expect of your performance, you’re not only leaving money on the table, you’re foreboding the end of your wished-for success.

I could share all the things I have learned here, but that would be a long read and, if you’re not properly motivated, you’d soon be bored.

But I will share my excitement with you, all you have to do is ask.