Can You Figure Out What I Am?

Today started much the same as any day did.

At first there is the distant buzzing and rumbling, soon bringing a sudden bright light destroying the safety of my darkness. And the sound of water rushing, running.

There is always the sound of water when it happens.

I could hear movement and voices far away, muffled, sometimes with laughter, sometimes monotone. I never knew why, I couldn’t understand what they were saying.

Then it would happen. As it always did. The bright light. The rushing water. I’d be grabbed, roughly, smeared with I don’t know what and plunged against hard, yet smooth, objects.

Fingers roughly held me, tightly, so that I could not slip away. Twisting and turning. Thrusting and pulling. Sometimes I would be held up in the air, as if for inspection, then plunged again against the hard and smooth mounds. I might be drenched in the cold rushing water at any time. I never knew from moment to moment what would happen next.

Thrusting back and forth, foam forcing its way into my every crevice, I could only will myself to not cause my tormentor to bleed. That would bring about the angry voice, and more.

Please not today.

When my master was finishing with me I would be thrust into the cold and cleansing water one final time. That would signal when my usefulness was ending and I would be allowed to rest once again.

Securely placed in my place of confinement, the darkness and quiet would abruptly settle in.

Until the next time.

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